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About our region

Our region is located in the north-eastern part of Norway in the territory with one of the most beautiful and severe nature in the North of Europe. Here after half a year of Polar light becomes the time of Polar day. If you go out for a walk you can hardly meet any people. Rain deer are considered to be domestic animals and a snow car is an usual means of transport. Kirkenes, the capital of Sör Varanger municipality, is situated about 400 km beyond the Polar circle on the border with Russia (so it takes about 3 hours to get to Murmansk). Sör Varanger commune shares borders with Russia (190 km) and Finland (180 km). All the history of the northern Norway is connected with Russia including economic relations. Sör Varanger is translated from Norwegian as "southern part of Varanger fjord".

Our tours

Crab safari
For those people who want to know how king crab was domesticated and spread in the Barents Sea. You also have an opportunity to catch a crab and taste fresh crab meat for dinner.

Seafood safari
For those people who want to taste a sea-hedgehog or a scallop, fresh caught and cooked crabs, get to know with underwater life in the Barents Sea and take a look at North fjords.

Fishing at sea
For those who are fond of fishing coastwise Norway, fishing with guaranteed result. For those who desires to spend a day or several days alone with severe but beautiful nature of North Norway.

Marine rafting
Two hours trip on board of a speed motor boat at open sea jumping from wave to wave.

Boat tours
For those who are fond of nature and desiring to get acquainted with local flora and fauna and see nooks of Varanger fjord.

Swimming in the Barents Sea
Anyone who has a desire to take a swim in the Barents Sea, even a non-swimmer, can do it with the help of the special immersion suit.

Many objects left underwater in the Barents Sea after the 2nd World War, huge crabs and good water visibility makes Kirkenes an attractive place for divers.

Trips on quad bikes along the Norwegian-Russian border
These trips provide an opportunity to go by quad bike along the Norwegian-Russian border and take a look at shifting picturesque landscapes of Northern nature and get to know with the history of Norwegian-Russian relationship.


There are two hotels and a camping where you can rent a cottage in Kirkenes. Also we have our own cottage with outdoor sauna and Jacuzzi on coast of the picturesque fjord.
Price at request.
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